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The future of Bass Tournaments

Will the affects of the new tour trickle down all the way to small and medium size team tournament circuits?

Is it the hope of these new tournament organizers that they destroy BASS? They all have a bone to pick about the past money and that is understandable.

While many of us love to follow the pro tournaments, what we care for most is fishing ourselves and need to know the answer to the following question.
Could this new league affect us all the way down to our local and regional team tournaments?

Even though the fish we chase and weigh in are a
renewable resource... from BASS to FLW and all the way down the line, I believe we love the fish we catch and do everything possible to make sure they are released in good condition. But is the "new tour" intentionally or unintentionally going to use political correctness as a weapon to crush BASS and FLW to eliminate their weigh in’s? They don't care if weigh in tournaments are outlawed! In fact, they may be hoping to influence states to outlaw the weigh in’s to eliminate their competition. I think they are fundamentally trying to change the sport… if you know what I mean. That could trickle all the way down to our weekend buddy tournaments…. No weigh in’s?

Lets just say the DNR says all tournaments are CWR. So how do you do that in a team tournament? Put a 3rd guy in the boat… this 3rd guy is going to have a program running in the background on his phone recording every move you make? They have these programs out right now. He’s going to go back to his buddies and share all your spots and soon they will be thrashed. I know I don’t want a 3rd guy in the boat, I fish these tournaments with my buddies or my kids and don’t need the extra weight or to give my spots to someone else (even if they aren't any good)! And who is going to pay for a guy to sit in each boat? I don't see this working.

How about the individual tournaments running now that are CWR? Do the guys fishing them really think that the marshalls aren’t sharing their spots with buddies or maybe their dads who got them into fishing? Come on. So all the guys who worry about tournaments beating up spots and pressuring fish will be wishing they hadn’t signed up for a CWR tournament on their favorite lake. In a few weeks none of their spots will have any fish left on them that want to bite.

In the end will this new wave of kinder and gentler bass tournaments really grow the sport, or destroy it?
Will there be un-intended consequences on the tournament scene from good intension of these type of tournaments?
Do we mange our lakes and rivers with science or not?
And where will the first weigh in's of a renewable resource (that we love and care for) be outlawed?
What's worse, some person catching a limit and killing them or a 25 team tournament releasing all the fish they weigh in?
We all pay for a license to use the resource.

Just my thoughts and questions,

August Gull and Whitefish

Hot & steamy hazy smoke covered skies from the Canadian forest fires would be the best way to describe the weather last weekend, but everyone (except one team on Whitefish) brought their 5 fish limit to the scales.  A big thank you to both Ernie’s on Gull and Moonlite Bay Bar & Grill for allowing us to hold our weigh-ins at their locations.
GULL:  EVERYONE has stories/lies of the big one that got away…however the team of Paul Laube & Ramie Ramsden brought a 5.84# smallie to the scales (only smaiiie weighed in) to take first place with 16.32 #.  2nd went to Dane Vocelka and Mike Hoppe @ 15.55.  3rd went to Hays Baldwin & Levi Christianson.
WHITEFISH:  Mike Hoppe and Dane Vocelka took the top honors on the Whitefish chain with a 5 fish limit @ 16.74 #’s, second place went to Arnold Helgeson fishing alone @ 14.76 #’s giving 3rd place to my partner Bob Spreigl and his black & blue jig @ 14.01 (all I had to do was sort fish !).
POKEGAMA:  coming ;up soon.  Saturday & Sunday Sept 8th & 9th.  Entry form attached (and u can also register on line – info on our web site).  Unfortunately the SawMill Inn has been permanently closed.  I did contact the Timberlake Lodge and received rates of $ 119 Wed/Thru and $ 149 Fri/Sat but will discuss with their group manager this week.  I will keep u posted.  (The desk clerk said they have the best restaurant in town).  They have 9 double queen rooms available at the present time.  218.326.2600.
Register online for this weekends tournaments at this link 
Or here -
Finally check out the recent post on Facebook by searching ‘the boat center’ from the Skeeter Boat Center (Ramsey & Chippewa Falls) with a very big announcement  -- their name will be/has changed at both locations to ‘THE BOAT CENTER’ .    As many of you know, The Skeeter Boat Center was named the top Skeeter dealership in the United States in the 2017 model year.  As they continue to grow and expand brands, their locations provide the best, quickest, friendliest customer service and sales in the entire Midwest.  Stop by and say Hi to Dean, Justin, Eric & Charlie…at either location.
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2018 WhiteFish and Woman

I’m sure that tournament fishing has caused more than 1 divorce in my past 40 yrs of running tounament….HOWEVER we have never seen a wedding come out of one of the tournaments I have participated in….Karl Klemen stopped by at the Woman Lake weigh-in. I asked why Karl and Brian Blaeser has not entered. Karl’s commented he was a little bit busy this morning as he and LoraLee exchanged vows Sunday. Karl and LoraLee met after one of the NorthStar Tournament Series events 2 years ago…and now they are married. Karl credits meeting LoraLee with the NSTT !!

Congratulations LoraLee and Karl.

Matt Garfield & Mark Shirley pulled off a double win….Rain, wind, cold, more wind….not at all like the pre-fish days on Thurs and Friday.
· Whitefish: Mark and Matt brought in a 6.29 smallie that put them over the top with a total of a 5 fish total of 21.20 #’s. 2nd place went to John Janousek and Mark Stanges @ 19.98. Pat Jeffries & Kurt Johnson brought in 17.89 #’s for 3rd.
· Woman Lake: again, Mark and Matt brought a great bag with 5 fish weighing in @ 25.09 #’s and a big fish (largemouth) @ 5.23 #’s. Connor O’Connor (as all know him) fished by himself and brought in a nice bag @ 23.50 #’s for 2nd. 3rd place went to Janousek and Stanges with 19.83 #’s. 4th place Parker Knutson & Trevor Kraker @ 19.27 #’s.

Special thanxxxx go out to MoonLite Bay for allowing us to host the tournament on the Whitefish Chain and Full Stringer Bait in Longville for allowing us to hold the weigh-in at their docks. Thank You


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